Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jack and Stephen sitting in a tree..

So it looks like the embryonic Liberal-Socialist-Separatist Coalition is about to suffer a premature death.

That's because the "Socialist" part of the troika, the NDP, seems ready to support the Conservatives thus ensuring the government survives.

This is quite surprising.

Who would have ever thought NDP leader Jack "Remember Me?" Layton and his gang of progressive, "we would rather bike than drive", oh so politically correct, defenders of the proletariat MPs would prop up the left-wing fringe hating, hidden agenda harbouring, Bush-war-supporting, tar -sands-loving, Stephen Harper.

What a world!

I suppose we can next expect to see Hugo Chavez join the "Sarah Palin for President" Facebook page or perhaps Michael Moore's next documentary will be a homage to Ronald Reagan.

Ideology sure aint what it used to be.


Swift said...

The fall from 18% to 12% in NDP support that the latest polls show explains everything. How many Dippers qualify for the gold plated pension next June?

wilson said...

PMHarper has made minority parliaments work for almost 4 years, and is in Candian history books for doing so.

It's been messy, and Harper won't be the most loved PM in our times, but he gets things done,
even if you don't approve.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous thing is from the policy standpoint. Where will this lead? Already, the Windsor unions are complaining that this is not enough. The Nortel employees want their pensions covered. And on and on.

What will Harper give away to please Jack and postpone the inevitable?

This is untenable, purely from a policy standpoint, even if you set the personalities aside and assume that these two fundamentally incompatible characters can get along for mutual benefit.

Patrick Ross said...

Jack Layton's taking the balance of power for a test drive.

I think he thought back to being the balance of power to the Paul Martin government and remembered that it's more fun than being the opposition.

AToryNoMore said...

Harper gets nothing done.

We are projected to have an additional 55 billion dollars of federal deficit.

Does that include the 14 billion dollar ANNUAL surpluses that the Liberals had been running for four years which are now gone?

Not likely.

The conservatives said any federal surplus was an over taxation.

Well what is this supposed to be?Take the four years at 14 billion federal tax and the 55 billion that Canada's new government is now talking about and we are cruising at a 100 billion dollar deficit.

What kind of tax and spend conservative clowns are these? We will all have to pay sooner or later.

They think we are not watching.

wilson said...

''Does that include the 14 billion dollar ANNUAL surpluses that the Liberals had been running for four years which are now gone?''

Gee NotATory,
you do know that the surpluses from 2001-2005 were a DIRECT result of Chretien/Martin raiding the EI fund of $54 Billion and using the money to fake surpluses...right?
Not aware of the court ruling?

But that's how the Liberals balanced the books.
Unemployment was a 10%, they made EI harder to get and more expensive for employers/employees (illegally, the courts say), making sure the result would be a surplus, then siphoned it off.
And the Harper government accomplishments neatly organized here:


AToryNoMore said...

Whats was you comment Wilson on the EI fund?

Read this one partner!

Wilson you may be the last to know but the conservatives have no plan and they have failed us.


AToryNoMore said...

Remember this comment out of this article Wilson?

The government has said the $4.25 billion will go into general revenue, giving it a comfortable financial cushion if the country hits any economic turbulence.


AToryNoMore said...

Wilson should take a look at the EI Account-Costs and Revenues Trend

He would notice that there was no change in the time the liberals were in power as compared to the Conservatives.

EI Accounts - Costs and Revenues Trend.

They think they are fooling us.


AToryNoMore said...

AToryNoMore said...

11:34 PM

Then you compare that to the latest data and then who is fooling who?

Text version of the EI Account - Costs and Revenues Trend (Excluding Interest)


AToryNoMore said...

So now in 08/09 the EI costs are exceeding revenues and by 09/10 costs will exceed revenues by three billion dollars.

Hey, they are the conservative government numbers not mine.

And they think we are not watching.