Friday, September 18, 2009

Cool gimmick

Have you seen the Conservative Party's great new interactive online gimmick?

It's called "Moving Forward: Join the conversation" and features Senator Mike Duffy giving a Tory pitch.

What's cool about it, however, is that you can plug in your name so that Senator Duffy actually sounds like he is talking directly to you.

For instance, for me Duffy says, "Hi Gerry, my man."


And imagine the effort that must have entailed. I mean Senator Duffy must have had to say hundreds of names from Aaron to Zachary.

Who says Senators don't do any real work?

But, of course, he couldn't say every name in existence. When I typed in the name "Hymie", the Senator just looked flustered for a second, then he carried on.

Nevertheless that online appeal is the ultimate in technological outreach.

I just wish the Conservatives spent as much time coming up with ways to reduce the deficit as they do on fancy computer tricks.


Brigitte Pellerin said...

Poor Hymie. Nobody cares about his feelings.

Michael Taube said...

Interesting. I guess this means Mike Duffy won't ever be "greeting" Hymie Rubenstein, a retired professor at the University of Manitoba. Tsk.

wilson said...

Try again in a week, I bet Hymie will get his 'hello'.

AToryNoMore said...

So much for an independent senator.

ATioryNoMore said...

Duffy gets to Oshawa, the home of the in part government owned car company.

What does a CaLADAillac look like?

renegade tory said...

Senator Duffy recorded the names of 800 of the most popular names of Conservative supporters...

AToryNoMore said...

Would the recording have included names like Joe or maybe Garth?

Anonymous said...

How come yours says 'Gerry, my man' while mine just says my name? Did they VIP these suckers out or what? Hmmph.