Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Anti-Car bias

Was surprised this afternoon to see Yonge Street in downtown Toronto closed to traffic.

What happened?

Was there some sort of horrible accident? Had a crime occurred? Were the streets being cleared to practice for a Maple Leaf Stanley Cup parade?

Nope. Turns out it's "Car Free Day."

Or perhaps a better name would be "Anti-Car Propaganda Day."

It seems for lefties, bashing cars is trendy.

But I like cars. They enable us to travel great distances, at great speed in comfort.

And if you don't think comfort is important try riding a horse for three weeks.

What's more cars provide us with freedom, making our lives easier.

So let's hear it for cars!

(This does not mean I endorse bailing out auto makers.)


Anonymous said...

I think that some streets in the inner city should be non-car. (real conservative)

Kadam said...

I'm sure everyone from the Government of Canada's bureaucracy is thinking, just a tiny hidden thought, as children graffiti with chalk a street in downtown Ottawa for no car day, that PMSH and the CPC had upheld the ideal of smaller government, and thus reduced the chaos as they try and get home.

Blame Crash said...

Come on Gerry!

Can't you see what this really is?

It's our very own "Cultural Revolution"

You know! Red Guards,Gang of Four, etec.. etc..

Think about it.

The Advocate said...

Well, I tend to see too much of a pro-car bias where I am at. If you can't drive for whatever reason, can't afford to or simply choose not to, you are terribly marginalized in our society. 95% of any decent paying employment is out of reach for you, all products and services are more expensive for you (as you can't just hop in your car and shop ... Read Morearound) and in general, you pay about ten times as much on a per km basis than those that do drive ... and guess what? I pay taxes to cover the roads, the traffic conversions around here, the parking lots, the pollution, etc. and I get nothing in return where I am as public transit is either poor or non-existent despite my region of almost half a million people ... I also pay higher prices at the mall to pay for the existence and maintenance of "free" parking for those that drive.

TorontoD said...

Honk! Honk! Hurray!