Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speaking for Harper

Back when Stephen Harper was president of the National Citizens Coalition, I used to help him write his speeches.

So maybe that's why in my latest Sun media column, I offer a speech for the PM, which I sure wish he would deliver.

Check it out.


treb said...

In our do good,feel good,say good things to everyone society,that kind of speech would place the Conservatives behind the rhino party.

Anonymous said...

If only we could hear those words from our prime minister. Unfortunately with the low esteem politicians of all parties are held, we would need to see action before accepting his words. As in the past it would be "say what I have to do to get elected, then do as I want when elected". Harper should start now if he was really sincere.

Anonymous said...

I too wish that Stephen Harper would deliver such a speech.

A Liberal government with an NDP official opposition would make for a very interesting parliament.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gerry: You have 53 comments so far in the Sun. Sounds like you've touched a nerve. Keep it up.

treb said...

Who are all these anonymous bloggers GERRY.I hear the Government is after anonymous bloggers for their use of threats and lies while hiding behind anonymity.