Thursday, August 13, 2009

With friends like these ...

As someone who has been critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s move to the left, I must concede his unconservative policies have achieved at least some successes.

They have, for instance, won him new friends from Canada’s left-wing establishment.

Case in point is journalist Lawrence Martin who praised the Prime Minister in today’s Globe and Mail.

Martin writes approvingly as to how Harper has abandoned his principles and wholeheartedly embraced Red Toryism.

The Conservative Party’s “migration to the moderate middle, evident in so many policy areas,” writes Martin “denotes a triumph of the traditional Tory way.”

And the “traditional Tory way” translates to acting and governing like Liberals.

For Martin this is a good thing,

“You get the impression,” he writes “that the office has matured him, (Harper) broadening his perspective from that of a regional man to a leader who sees the country and the world in a more enlightened context.”

Yes thank goodness Harper no longer stands for the unenlightened concepts of smaller government and balanced budgets.

Of course, the real reason Martin is praising Harper isn’t that he suddenly likes him, it’s that Harper has helped put conservative ideals into disrepute.

And Martin will go on liking Harper for that reason, all the way into the ballot box … where he will vote Liberal.

Some friend.


wilson said...

The LibLuvin media are all out trying to discourage Libs from going into an election this fall...

the Conservative Government of Canada won the appeal against the CWB bullies:

h/t kate at

Rich said...

I dont think Lawrence Martin is any friend to the Prime Minister, all he seems to be doing is congratulating himself because the PM has instituted liberal policies. Remember he tried in October to bring down a conservative budget which was to cancel taxpayer subsidies to political parties; reduce the government payrolls by freezing pay rates. Because he was in a minority government this gave rise to th Coalition of fools (Jack, Gilles and Stephane). Just think what would Canada look like with this trio at the helm.

Toronto furniture rental said...

Well, everything indeed does have positives and negatives, even Harper's government. Anyway, greatly written. I especially liked the last sentence. So true.

Take care.