Monday, August 24, 2009

Another August poll

OK here's another poll, this time from Harris-Decima, which has the Liberals and the Tories in a dead heat.

Earlier today, an Ipsos-Reid poll showed the Conservatives way ahead.

How to explain the discrepancy?


Like I said before, it's summer time and nobody is focused on politics. (Except for the anonymous Tory partisans who love to read my blog to get a political education.)


Anonymous said...

I know I always look to those who have never competed in a field, in this case politics, as a source of expertise.

News flash Gerry, nobody reads this blog to get political lessons.

Gerry Nicholls said...

Oh, then they must read it because of my boyish good looks.

Anonymous said...

It certainly is not for your witty replies to comments that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the differences in polls may be because of the different ways of asking questions, and who is asked.

A telephone poll in the middle of the day isn't likely to get many people who work for a living - and so may be skewed a bit to the left.

Likewise, a pollster can easily craft a question so that many people will answer it in a way that makes the people paying his fee a little happier.

Anonymous said...

I'd be inclined to accept the more recent pole which shows the Libs in a dead heat. After all, there is little distinction between the two parties. Much like anonymous, most voters are terribly confused.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and of course that must mean that the Decima poll is wrong and the Ipsos one is right, despite Decima continuing a trend seen for months.
I wonder what all these hopeless Tory partisans are going to do when Harper and the CPC lose power? Simply break down and cry or go into full-blown psychotic break? Iggy is the perfect 'empty vessel' to fill with center-right ideas; Gerry you should convince him to replace Warren Kinsella with you.