Thursday, August 27, 2009

Angling for a job

Despite what I have written or said in the past, I firmly believe Stephen Harper is the greatest, most magnificent, most brilliant Prime Minister in the history of the universe.

And I look forward to one day serving the Great Leader with unthinking, blind obedience and with complete loyalty.

(There, if that doesn't get me a Senate appointment, I don't know what will.)


VW said...

What will? Try this pledge on for size: will you vote to pass the 2010-2011 budget, if it has lots of stimulus spending / fails to cut major programs?

Answer yes, and the PM might consider your name.

Old School Liberal said...

How can you think of yourself as a conservative when you have dared to be critical of Conservatives? Don't you know that at the last convention they passed a resolution saying only Conservatives can be called conservatives? And that Harper gets to decide who is a Conservative?

Blame Crash said...

Sure Gerry, sure.

Your biting sarcasm is more than just toothless. It’s all gum and no tooth.

Besides, doesn't the Senate have way too many gliberals already?

You’re better off getting into the Liberal line up and waiting your turn, but be fore warned, it’ll be a loon, loon wait.

After all, their must be a thousands of Toronto journalists in that line up already.

Bec said...

Did the GHOSTS of Christmas, past, present and future come to visit you last night, or something?

Aaa, just more sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blame Crash!

It's laughable that you continually suggets that Gerry is a Liberal. Do you even read any of his articles? And if so, do you comprehend them?

Being a conservative does not include blind allegiance to a party leader. In fact, being a true conservative means reprimanding that leader when he abandons certain ideals.

I suppose I'm wasting my time trying to get you to understand this. In your simple litte world, anyone who attacks Harper can be instantly dismissed as a Liberal.



Old School Liberal said...


Now be fair to Blame Crash here. There are conservatives in this world and there are Conservatives. One should not mistake the two just because of the similarities of names. They really have very little to do with one another.

It is theoretically possible that a conservative may be a Conservative and it is theoretically possible that a Conservative may be a conservative.

But it is more like the difference between Iqaluit and Iqualuit. To the uninformed, it may seem like a small difference. To those who pay attention the difference between conservative/Iqaluit and Conservative/Iqualuit is stark: on the one hand, you have a solid, real, absolute and on the other you get your hands dirty and smelly.

Anonymous said...

A little advice, sincerity would help your cause - but of course you are too wrapped up in the optics rather than results. Cheers, Fern StAlbert

Anonymous said...

First you slam Chucker Canuck for telling the truth about your self inflated importance and then you steal from his idea about a Senate appointment.

Stay classy Gerry.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nicholls, was this really necessary?