Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Star Trekmania

In honour of the new Star Trek movie coming out this week, here are my picks for the top five episodes from the original series:

1. Balance of Terror
Yes it was a rip off of Run Silent, Run Deep but it features cool sci-fi-style combat.

2. The Corbomite Maneuver
That freaky alien dummy gave the creeps as a kid.

3. The Doomsday Machine
Captain Kirk must battle a giant bugle and guest star William Windom's overacting.

4. The Trouble with Tribbles
The tribbles were so cute!

5. Arena
Features classic hand-to-hand combat between Captain Kirk and a lizard man.


rondi adamson said...

What about the salt-sucking creature??? And Apollo? And Liberace? And the Nazis?
Hey, what was Harper's favourite episode?

Gerry Nicholls said...

The salt-sucking creature episode would rank somewhere in the top ten. The Apollo and Nazi planet somewhat lower. As for "Liberace" (I assume you are referring to Trelane, in the Squire of Gothos) that ranks even further down the list. I can't recall Harper's favorite episode.

rondi adamson said...

Well...says YOU! I say the salt-sucking creature is the #1 episode, followed by the Nazis, Liberace, Apollo and the one with Teri Garr and the kitty-cat.

Unknown said...

Hey Gerry, you might like this: