Thursday, May 28, 2009

Canadian leadership

What a fine state Parliament is in these days.

We have a Leader of the Opposition who is "just visiting" and a Prime Minister who is "just spending."


Michael said...

"Just spending" and "Just watching tapes of Ignatieff" instead of finding ways to be more fiscally "just not out to lunch".

Unknown said...

Harper promised us smaller government, less regulations so the free market could work, lower taxes, reduced government spending, no deficits. He has betrayed all of us. Why did I spend years supporting this guy. This is not what I voted for.

Anonymous said...

Harper has been in power 1207 days and broken just as many promises.50 Billion dollar deficit??? Whatever happened to smaller government, balanced budgets, MP accountability, and grass root democracy. Those policies that were the basis of The Reform Party and the new Conservative Party. Harper and his back room boy's lust for power have replaced those prinipals and policies we as members supported and believed in. As a long time supporter of Harper I am disgusted with what he and this so called Conservative government has done since gaining power. If Harper is going to govern as a Liberal we might as well elect a Liberal government.


Anonymous said...

Harper betrayed his followers. He campaigned on one thing and has done the opposite. He is less of a leader than Chretien. Chretien delivered 8 suprplus budgets. Harper squandered on gimmicky GST cuts.

AToryNoMore said...

The Conservatives asked Canadians to 'Stand Up For Canada'.

I have never been sure what kind of Canada we were being asked to stand up for.

Unknown said...


Drink the Harper Koolaide. My answer to the recession...spend less, not more. I ask only that Harper do what he said he was going to do. I voted for harper becasue I believed in him. He said he would reign in spending. He promised no deficit under any circumstances. All this spending will not bring us out of the recession. It will leave us with years of inflation and drive up interest rates. Have we learned nothing from the Mulroney years? Isn't this why we started the Reform Party in the first place? Government spending is not the answer. See that Treb, I stated an opinion and did not call you names. You should try it some time.