Thursday, May 21, 2009

American attitudes on terrorism

Given the recent news about terror arrests in New York and Iran’s missile launch, McLaughlin and Associates have released an interesting poll on American attitudes towards terrorism.

According to its results Americans are still plenty worried.

Here are some highlights:

* Nine in ten voters (91%) say that Iran supplying a nuclear umbrella for terrorists is a serious threat to the United States.

* Seven in ten voters (71%) say the United States will not be safe with a nuclear Iran

* Eight in ten voters (80%) say it is likely that Iran will launch a missile attack on Israel

* Three in four voters (77%) say it is likely that Iran will use the threat of nuclear attack to provide a shield for Hezbollah and Hamas terrorists to attack Israel

* The majority of voters approves of taking several specific actions to discourage the proliferation of nuclear weapons in Iran

Read the whole thing here.

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