Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Looks like the Single Transferable Vote initiative went down to defeat last night in British Columbia.

In fact, only 39 percent of BC voters supported the idea.

Perhaps STV supporters will now call for it to be implement in 39 percent of the province.


Erick from Alberta said...

I did a quick turn on of News world at 9:00 pm MDT last night and they were talking about the stv. When I heard of who was supporting eg: Suzuki, James the Greens I new that this would be the biggest mistake the province would make if they has voted for it.

Unknown said...

The STV would have assured BC that the NDP would never have gained power again. The BC Green Party was also opposed to it because they want a party dominated proportional representation system. A system condemned by the Greens and that keeps the NDP out can't be all that bad.
When I found out STV was defeated, and heard all the news outlets use party leaders' names in place of the party name - i.e. "Gordon Campbell wins election" or "Carol James lost the election" I realized our electoral system is hopelessly messed up. Someone tell me, what does my MLA do?? They all just seem to be proxies for the party leader.

JR said...

And good riddance to it. But no doubt it's supporters will be back soon pushing STV or something like it.