Sunday, May 03, 2009

Liberal convention survey

Check out my extremely scientific poll on on the Liberal Party convention.


Anonymous said...

Okay - so it's kiddie time again from the right wing. Any adults in your group?

News flash - the convention wasn't for your benefit, enjoyment, entertainment, etc.

Have you ever seen anything duller than the Con convention with it's out behind the barn music and Harper's wife saying he's a good daddy?

We won't even go into the NDP convention with its weirdos.

LOL - you people are so predictable.

Anonymous said...

speaking of predictable anonymous. Predictable is putting your hopes into an empty.

Me, like perfer real leaders who've had to work for it...not handed to them by the old backroom boys of yesteryear. Guess you can put Chretien back under cover until next time.

Too bad that press wasn't as great as one would have suspected if the convention was a success.

Anonymous said...

The Lib Convention was a real sleeper. Dion was a disaster and Iggy was full of fluff and himself. Even I was embarrassed for them.