Friday, May 29, 2009

Election Prediction

Check out my latest posting over at the Women's Post.

I make a fearless prediction -- the next election will be nasty.

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wilson said...

''And so by time Canadian voters go to the polls they will have to choose between a globe-trotting, effete, arrogant intellectual and a mean-spirited, incompetent, Nixonian, bully.''

How about between
a globe-trotting, effete, arrogant intellectual who has zero experience having never even held a ministerial post (a Liberal leader first) save 3 years a parachuted in MP ,
who signed the coalition agreement (we have tapes) in 100% support of Dion and partners, only to 5 months later came to the same conclusion as PMSH made in 24 hours...

As another BT poster said,
the $50 Billion question will be
'Would the coalition have done any better job managing the books than Jim Flaherty has?'

Remember, we never saw a Harper budget,
we saw a coalition budget and Liberals have reminded us that Harper would not have put stimulus money in if it weren't for the coalition forcing him to (we have tapes).