Saturday, August 09, 2008

Some Musings

A couple of comments about recent goings on:

* So it turns out John Edwards is a sleazy liar, which is not really all that shocking. What is shocking is that the only one telling the truth is this sordid affair was the National Enquirer.

* Russian troops are invading Georgia. I just hope they don't burn Atlanta.

* The Olympics are underway, which means our sense of national pride will hinge on things like whether or not some muscle-bound guy can throw a lead ball farther than some other muscle-bound guy.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... Gerry... what could more clearly exalt the noble triumph of the human spirit than throwing lead balls?!

nbt said...

Lead balls!! I can barely throw the soft, leather ones.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Then, of course, there is the always inspiring running in circles!