Friday, August 15, 2008

Debating Conservatism Round 2 - Me vs Taylor

Last fall I debated former Conservative Party campaign manager Tom Flanagan at a Fraser Institute event on whether or not the Conservatives were heading in the right direction.

I said no, arguing the Conservatives were betraying their ideological roots. And if I do say so myself, I won the contest by a knockout.

And now the Fraser Institute wants me to defend my championship belt against a new challenger -- Stephen "The Blogger" Taylor.

Should be a fun brawl.

The debate is set to take place September 23 in Ottawa, so Taylor will have home field advantage.

Check here for more details.


Hugh MacIntyre said...

Why would they have it in an awefull place like Ottawa? Especially when they could hold it in the much more civilized Toronto? I think you should insist on it being held downtown (preferably within a two minute walking distance of my home)

John M Reynolds said...

OOOoooo! I imagine your imaginary championship belt being nice and shiny like this belt perhaps with a big FI and Ultimate Debating Championship on the front.

And the "Are Conservatives satisfied with the Harper government’s direction?" topic should prove to be a good one. I assume you will be taking the No side again -- or is that supposed to be a surprise.

Now, where is that roll eyes smilie? ::)

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's a fair fight - to fight with a kid that is so smitten with Harper he'll never see anything wrong in what he does?

This kid couldn't be objective if he tried.

Anonymous said...

I hope the whole cabinet shows up to hear you Gerry, including Stephen Harper himself. Tell 'em the truth.