Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blaming Georgia on George

Hey, this just in -- the Russian invasion of Georgia is George Bush's fault.

Isn't everything Bush's fault?


Anonymous said...

Gee, all this time I thought it was Mikey Harris's fault as the Ontario LIEberals same to blame him for everything.

Raphael Alexander said...

That's not "just in". It's been postulated by global policy experts that the Georgian conflict has been a heavily strategized game of chess between the Russians and Americans for quite some time.

Although I'm not sure I buy into it, the theory goes that the Americans urged the Georgians to distract the Russians while they sent an Armada to Iranian waters. The flip side of the coin is that the Russians have taken this period of American military weakness to seize control of a country with access to the Caspian Sea basin.

rabbit said...

If the diligence and creativity that goes into blaming all of the world's woes on George W. Bush was diverted to - say - developing alternative energy sources, we could shut down the pump jacks tomorrow.