Friday, August 01, 2008

Send Deserters Packing

My friend Rondi Adamson has an excellent piece in the Christian Science Monitor examining the plight of American War Resisters army deserters here in Canada.

Should these ex-soldiers be allowed to stay or not?

Adamson says no.


Unknown said...

Nope. These guys knew what the army was all about when they joined up. Their punishments for going AWOL are not severe, and usually involved being discharged from the military. Definitely not grounds for seeking refugee status here in Canada.

For the most part, these 'war resisters' just joined up trying to get the army to pay for their university education.

Anonymous said...

That's right. These guys volunteered and if these pseudo-soldiers have seen 'war crimes' like some say, they have a duty to report that, not go AWOL over it.

Anonymous said...

Way to make a strong stand for liberty Nicholls. It appears that neoconservative foreign policy still overwhelms the nascent libertarian impulses of Canadian freedom fighters.

If American soldiers are going to get criminal records for quitting their jobs, then let them stay here. The last influx of American soldiers seeking refuge from a fascist system of de facto slavery have made made great contributions to our society.

You can stand up for freedom or stand up for a totalitarian command system because "they knew what the army was all about" and "they volunteered".

Maybe we can volunteer to give up our liberty since it can be signed away in a contract. But no politician would ever go a step further and use the social contract as an excuse to assault our liberty, right?

What foundation does Rondi leave for liberty?

WE Speak said...

I was surprised to see Rondi's article in the Guelph Mercury. While it's a TorStar paper, it's even further left than the mothership.