Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Union Bosses Finally Taking on Gag Laws

Union bosses in British Columbia are going to court to take on Premier Gordon Campbell's election gag law.

So I wrote a column which appears in today's Vancouver Sun, to ask them: What took you guys so long?

Gag laws, after all, have been around at the federal level for a long time.

Up until now, however, union bosses and other leftist-leaning types thought they were a good idea because they supposedly stopped the "rich" from buying elections.

But in BC, Campbell's law will stifle union bosses, so suddenly gag laws are a bad thing and must be stopped.

I suspect other left-wing groups will also realize gag laws are bad thing when the next federal election rolls around and they are prevented from speaking out against the Harper government.

Too bad their ideological blinkers prevented them from seeing the dangers of these laws when they were first enacted.

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Anonymous said...

It seems a case of "whose ox is being gored" rather than a stand on ideals.

I am disappointed in the relative lack of attention by citizens as they lose some fundamental democratic rights to these election gag laws.

I've linked two articles I wrote on the subject - Election gag laws, civics education and free speech - to my page.

I appreciated your column Gerry.

I also recommend a column by John Martin published in The Maple Ridge Times May 20th headlined "Gag law insults citizens"