Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More LSS Stuff

Here's another shot of me at the Liberty Summer Seminar. The fellow to my right is Marc "The Prince of Pot"Emery; the two of us were debating the question, "What's the best way to promote freedom."

It was a spirited discussion.

And let me tell you, anybody who thinks I'm an egomaniac (and I know you're out there) should get a load of Emery.

By comparison I'm a shrinking violet.

Thanks to Dr. Roy for the photo.


P. M. Jaworski said...

Gerry: I hear you'll be reprising this debate on Calgary radio tomorrow.

Have fun, and don't be a shrinking violet!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that photo will do much to help Marc Emery achieve "sex symbol to women of all ages" status.

I've read Emery's own whiny blog rants online, thanks. That was sufficient input of "a load" for my lifetime.

You've now quite efficiently enticed me to not register for the LSS, but let us all know if Emery declines his attendance last minute. Perhaps I'll change my mind.

One word of warning to you, Gerry: watch your level of alcohol consumption when under Emery's hypocritical eye. Egomania always does seem directly proportional to hypocrisy, and this combination of personality attributes is not an indication of a principled freedom fighter.

On the other hand, violets are quite hardy and consistently dependable, even in infertile soil.