Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taking Tories to Task

Pierre Lemieux has an excellent column detailing the disappointment that is the Conservative Party of Canada.

Key quote: "The Conservatives have brought their own building blocks to the construction of the Police State while dismantling nothing of what the Liberals had built before them."


Anonymous said...

The problem is in the PMO. It's a 24/7 political operation, almost entirely devoid of policy. Harper does not seem capable of or interested in engaging anybody, even his own supporters, in policy.

Disappointment indeed - he is making George Bush look like a policy wonk.

Anonymous said...

The PM has put enough policy out in 2 and a half years to shame the Libs 13 years of inaction and corruption.Dions green crap in his pants tax isn,t policy.Its just some idiots idea of trying to screw again the Canadian public.PM Harper doesn,t have to engage idiots,he is engaging the rest of the world and running this country very well thank you.

bert in Ottawa

Anonymous said...

Gerry - what a bunch of bunk -

What have the Conservatives done that is good!!!

Obviously PL hasn't checked his paycheque lately or thought about his lower taxes on EVERYTHING since the GST was lowered or didn't notice that he got a bigger tax refund this year.

Maybe you, Gerry and Pierre should go to Sandy's blog at Crux of the Matter and see EXACTLY what GOOD he has done.

What a bunch of crap, Gerry.

Anonymous said...

When will one Conservative MP have the courage to tell this PM that he needs to shape up?