Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bob Bexon RIP

I lost a friend recently.

His name was Bob Bexon and a few days ago he was killed, aged 56, in a biking accident.

It's a sad loss.

Bob was not only a successful businessman and entrepreneur, but also a firm believer in freedom.

What I liked most about him was his insatiable intellectual curiosity. He was especially intrigued about the concepts of libertarianism.

He would always ask, "Well those libertarian ideas might sound good in theory, but how would they work in the real world?"

And to help answer that question, Bob would sponsor special "Freedom Dinners" in Montreal, to which he would invite libertarian/conservative thinkers, scholars, journalists and activists from across the country to debate and discuss the philosophy of freedom.

I was lucky enough to attend several Freedom dinners, where I met fascinating people and engaged in some of the most interesting conversations of my life.

It was always Bob's hope, that these discussions would in some way, help to spread and foster the ideas of liberty.

He will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Bob Bexon was a joyfull and learned men. A true Friend of Liberty

Anonymous said...

Bob Bexon was my uncle I'm Jesswica Bexon and my familey and I have a great loss:(