Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tom and Gerry Approaches Examined

Tim Mak, a poli sci student at McGill University, has an interesting piece in the McGill Tribune examining conservatism and the Conservative Party.

And I am not saying it's interesting simply because Mak calls me a "prominent revolutionary conservative."

But it helps.


Anonymous said...

Tom and Gerry???

It should be more like "Itchy and Scrathy" where a cat and mouse try to disembowel one another... oh well... maybe, next time...

That's what a real "revolutionary conservative" like Buckley would do to "Incremental Conservatism" anyways

John M Reynolds said...

I agree that is an interesting article (and it does not even mention me!). The biggest problem I saw with the article was that Ontario is not a nation. When it comes to revolution vs incremental, perhaps it is not an issue that has to be taken as a whole. We can combine the two. We can be revolutionary a few topics at a time. The Court Challenges program cut was one. Actual tax cuts was a second that also requires future liberal governments to increase taxes to implement new programs like national daycare. Then again, it is not just the government's (or conservative party's) responsibility. A grass roots effort to promote conservative ideas while dispelling illogical liberal ideals is a good place to start. Of course many fronts have to be attacked. Blogging is one effort, but conservatives have to put their money where their mouths are too. They have to be willing to fund many fronts. I was quite sad when my subscription to the Western Standard fell through.

Roy Eappen said...

Tim is also a Blogging Tory and I encouraged him on the phone yesterday to put his Tribune pieces on his blog.