Friday, January 04, 2008

Our Money Pays for Government Propaganda

The Conservative federal government is spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on radio and newspaper ads designed inform everyone about the recent GST cut.

Here's a snippet from the radio spot:

The government of Canada is ringing in the New Year with another tax cut. Starting January 1st, the GST will be reduced to five per cent, the second cut in less than two years.

This means significant tax savings on most everything you buy, like a coffee, a new home, a computer or a new car. To learn more about the GST reduction, visit or call 1-800-O-Canada. 2008 will be a less taxing year for Canadians.

Is it just me or does this ad seem to be slightly partisan? Or to put it another way, doesn't it look like the Tories are using government money to air Conservative propaganda?

The government website mentioned in the ad could easily be mistaken for a Conservative election ad.

Of course, all governments use tax dollars to promote themselves in this manner.

While that doesn't make it any better, it does reveal how useless those laws are which limit what parties can spend during elections.

All they do is give a huge advantage to the incumbents.

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