Monday, January 28, 2008

Medium is the Message

Parliament resumes today.

I can't wait to see what issues the Liberals raise on behalf of the CBC.


zolton said...

All I saw were conservatives on the defensive, trying to legitimize American political rule/interest.
Poor manufacturing industry, when will they see relief?

Anonymous said...

zolton - admit it - you were watching Days of Our Lives not question period because no defense posturing that I saw...actually the gov't stood up pretty well.

How about the provinces prove they're spending what the feds. give the wisely first before going for the handout?

gerry said...

Oh Zolton
All I saw were conservatives on the defensive, trying to legitimize American political rule/interest.
This is so old that people are laughing at you when they read it. Please try to be a little more oriiginal, for you sound like a dim witted parrot repeating leftist dogma. Stick to Polly wants a cracker and you'll make more sense.

zolton said...

Look at the faces of the conservatives members when their Mp's talk!
Does that look like confidence to you?
It look like their all ready to break down! Cause they know that their not individuals with their own minds, but pawns.
When the liberals scolded the conservatives over firing of the nuclear regulator you guys were screaming and jeering.
Even though he was right!
How about relief for the manufacturing industry?
Nope tax cuts for the oil barons!
How can you guys see that they have no reasons for doing what their doing.
They have to use semantics and rhetoric to make it at least "appear" like they have A point.
And this works on you guys!????

hunter said...

Zolton, I tried to look at the Liberal MP's faces, but most of the seats on that side were empty.

Conservatives tend to think that the government should not intervene with particular industries, that's why they gave
1B to help ALL industries.

Liberals do things for votes, like throwing money at special interest groups, ethnic communities, their friends, and Buzz.

Try to use facts, instead of emotions, and talking points taken straight from the Liberal play book.

zolton said...

Hunter what color is the Kool-aid¿

Janet said...

The manufacturing industry will get relief when it's stopped being artificially and unsustainably propped up by the government and has adjusted to that fact. Until then it will be crisis after crisis as government subsidy after government subsidy is needed to keep the industry afloat.

The best thing we can do for our kids is make sure they don't have to depend on the whims of bureaucrats and politicians for a job by allowing dying industries to die and move to a knowledge-based economy - something that will never happen so long as we keep subsidizing generation after generation into labour-intensive factory work.

Janet said...

And the kool-aid is the blue of Stephen Harper's eyes. Since when do conservatives brag about our corporate subsidy programs?

zolton said...

They never brag about corporate subsidies except the ones to the oil sector. The secor of our economy that doesn't need the cuts!