Monday, January 21, 2008

Health-Care Study

It looks like Canadians aren't getting a bang for their buck when it comes to health-care.

Or at least that's the conclusion of a study put out jointly by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and the European-based Health Consumer Powerhouse.

This study shows that out of 30 countries surveyed, Canada ranks at the absolute bottom when it comes to getting value for money spent.

I guess that's no surprise to all those sick and injured Canadians languishing on health-care waiting lists.

Now we need to a study to figure out why some people still think socialized health-care is a good idea.


Iain G. Foulds said...

... Be sure to check out Dr. Day's recommendations at the National Post's today.
... "Just spend a lot more". Thank you Comrade Day!

zolton said...

"The Centre claims to be independent and ideology free, however the studies it publishes generally support neoliberal economic theories."
I'm sure I can find some conservative think tank that thinks up is down and down is up.

The perspective that this group start from is whats flawwed.