Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Conservatism That Can Win

Attended a reception last night to celebrate the release of David Frum's latest book, Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again.

It was a great event; just about anybody who is anybody in the conservative movement was there: journalists, activists, politicians.

And I am definitely looking forward to reading David's book as it's a topic of particular interest to me.


Anonymous said...

Quick question for you, Gerry. While I often enjoy some of your writings (much less so with Frum), do you ever wonder if the almost complete lack of experience in business and the private sector of most of the conservative pundit community greatly diminishes the value of your message to other than those who are simply partisans?

Lemon said...

I suspect anonymous is being disinegnuous...
And I suspect, Mr. Frum is still grumpy from being canned.
It's impossible to describe how different conservativism would be if there had been no 911.
I recall that GWB had struck a deal with the Dems (including the remaining kennedy) for a major education bill and that his term would have focussed on this.

rondi adamson said...

"Anybody who is anybody was there"...That's right Gerry. You and I were there!!

Anonymous said...

As a private sector patron and self-employed business person, let me answer anons. question for you Gerry.

Actually, contrary to liberal opinion
Canadian conservatives only too clearly understand Gerry's message, partisan or not.

That's the beauty of being conservative actually. Appealling to those grassroots has done us no harm whatsoever.

What's your excuse?

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Only it can't win again!!

Frum and Giuliani are about to get their knock out punch in this race.

Dr. Paul with another #2 finish in the Louisiana caucus and another $2million to add to his campaign haul from Monday alone.

Huck and McCain are broke -- Giuliani's done!

Anyone believing yet?

Besides the book was B-O-R-I-N-G

And George W. Bush wasn't "The Right Man" either...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1:

I believe that you should read this article entitled, Black Helped Frum stay in the black, if you feel that David Frum suffers from a lack of business experience:

As you can clearly see David Frum started his own Internet publication with Hollinger money --ignore the part of the article that says there "were no business plans" for this venture.

So there!