Thursday, January 17, 2008

Media Alert

I am going to be on the Michael Coren Show tonight, 8:00 PM CTS.

Topic: federal politics.


Anonymous said...

That's great.

Are you going to once again increase your popularity (and therefore your income as a paid commentator) by being a Conservative who gleefully makes his living bashing Stephen Harper's Conservatives or the NCC?

That makes you a hot find for the Liberal media. Be sure not to say anything positive about Harper or the national Citizen's Coolation you used to head or you won't get invited back for the big bucks.

rondi adamson said...

Anonymous -- I can guarantee you, from personal experience, that there are no "big bucks" involved on the Michael Coren Show. Nor is there a "big audience". But I can also guarantee you that Gerry will be the best panel member tonight!

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1:

How come some argue for free speech for Steyn/Amiel/Levant, but if Mr. Nicholls has any criticism of Mr. Harper's policies (and their inconsistency with conservatism), many of you get quite nasty and personal?