Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dion: Canada's Secret Weapon

Liberal leader Stephane Dion will help us win the war in Afghanistan.

Once the Taliban learn about his foreign policy ideas they will undoubtedly laugh themselves to death.


Ron said...

" Dion"
You cannot fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

you "carrot" idea should be looking better to the Liberals every day.

Anonymous said...

Off topic again, Gerry, but attacking weaklings like Dion feels cheap.

Check this one out:

Didn't I say this last week?

In Nevada, it's Ron Paul upto #2!

nbt said...

I hear the Taliban are busy growing carrot fields in hopes of finding the perfect carrot to install as leader of Canada's natural governing party.

Oh, btw, disregard the invalidity of the latter point.