Monday, January 21, 2008

Me in Different Languages

ΓΕΡΡΥ ΝΙΨΗΟΛΛΣ -- That is supposedly what my name looks like in Greek.

This is how my name looks in Arabic: لثققغ ىهؤاخممس

And here is what it looks like in Hebrew: עקררט מןביםךךד

Got all this info from this nifty site.


Backseat Blogger said...

i can't speak to the greek or arabic but the hebrew is way out to lunch..... not even close to your name!

Anonymous said...

Backseat Blogger is right, that is not even close. It reads something like 'Akrit Mossirid"

BBS said...

Sounds like technology still has a way to go.

Anonymous said...

You just lost the Hebrew vote.

Anonymous said...

Magictyper isn't a translator. It just lets you type in another alphabet, with the keys in the same places as they appear on Arabic, Hebrew, Russian or Greek keyboards. If you used the phonetic keyboards (where the keys are roughly matched to the letter sounds) you would have had better results.

But since most Hebrew vowels don't appear as letters and since double letters like 'rr' or 'll' are not used, it would still have been off. A closer version based on my rough knowledge of Hebrew would be יריי ניכולס. Perhaps the Russian phonetic keyboard would give you the closest approximation to your name in Russian.

I hope that helps.
(Paul of Magictyper)