Friday, May 11, 2007

Trust Me I know

Ten Reliable Signs That ... the curtain may be coming down on your career:

10. You are no longer invited to office meetings held to discuss your company’s future ... and by future I mean the next five minutes.

9. Somebody has torn six months out of your Day Timer.

8. Your boss sends you a carefully worded written communication about peformance shortfalls ... and it’s written in human blood.

7. Instead of putting cute "smiley faces" on your phone message notes, your receptionist now draws a skull and crossbones.

6. Your company president starts dressing in black robes and carrying a sickle.

5. You find the plant in your office murdered, and a little sign around its stem says, "You’re Next!"

4. Instead of reporting to the president you now report to the Portugese cleaning lady.

3. You overhear your boss talking about burning or smoke – or is it fired?

2. Your new office used to be known as "The Broom Closet".

1. Your president starts to laugh uproariously when you mention that you would like a longer vacation this year.

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