Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Me in the Citizen

I am quoted in this Ottawa Citizen article today on the Conservative Party's campaign finance reforms.

It seems Opposition politicians are howling mad because Prime Minister Harper won't reveal the names of "secret donors" from his 2002 Canadian Alliance leadership campaign.

Haven't they got better things to criticize than five year old issues that nobody outside of Ottawa cares about?

Mind you, Harper has no one to blame for this. All his recent talk about the evils of money in the political process has opened himself up to these charges.

As I say in the Citizen piece: "Conservatives shouldn't be telling people what do with their money."


Anonymous said...


There was a recent article in Britain's The Guardian entitled "This Perfect Storm will finally destroy the neocon project." It is a great read.

As one of the many media members of Civitas, do you have any educated guesses as to why Stephen Harper won't divulge the source of the $1 million plus that he raised in his leadership bid for the Canadian alliance in 2002?

Just wondering?

Anonymous said...

Also, do you remember this Supreme Court case in 2000:

Of course, you do -- after all, Harper was president of the National Citizens Coalition at the time.

What's your boy hiding anyways?

Gerry Nicholls said...

To both Anonymouses:

I plan to say more on this next week.

Anonymous said...


Where should we look for these pearls of wisdom?

Even conservatives are starting to realize that the neoconservatives have to go!