Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tory Critic Fired

According to this Globe and Mail story, the outspoken second-in-command in the office of Canada's Information Commissioner has been fired only months after he criticised the Conservative government.

Alan Leadbeater, who worked for the Commissioner's office for 15 years, had been sharply critical of the Conservative government for abandoning promises to strengthen access-to-information laws.

Then just two weeks ago, Leadbeater was told he was no longer needed and was escorted from the building.

I am not sure why, but all this has a familiar ring to it.


Anonymous said...

This "conservative" boat should just be let to sink -- the secrecy involved with this particular group is just getting too weird.

"The New Government of Canada," the Civitas Society, Chatham House Rules, TILMA, Atlantica, restrictions on freedom of the press -- Throw all this crap on the dust heap and start again!

Anonymous said...

I agree -- Most conservatives in Canada don't need to act like that they have something to hide.

Harper may, but why should the rest suffer?

This party was broken from the get-go when the Progressive Conservatives and the Canadian Alliance decided to marry.

Come clean with the Canadian public, and get a divorce!

Janet said...

Civitas is so secret, it's on *Facebook.*

Yep, we're all doomed.

Anonymous said...

You would think that the Conservatives would be smart enough to not fire all their critics that could eventually keep them out of their future, bigger troubles.

Filling the ranks with "yes people" and cronyism is what led to alot of problems in the US -- Ask the FDA about Scott Gotlieb, for example.