Monday, May 21, 2007

Light bulbs and Tories

I am quoted in this article in the Montreal Gazette today which examines how some "die hard" old-stye Reformists feel betrayed by the Conservative Party.

My bit is to chip in on the ridiculous Tory plan to ban light bulbs.

Here's how I put it, "It's nanny state-ism. It's government telling us how to run our lives. The light bulb thing sort of symbolizes everything that's going wrong with the Conservative party right now."

Anyway, happy Victoria Day everybody!


NB taxpayer said...

Your so right, Gerry. It's Nanny Statism at it worst. Which makes me wonder why the New York Post recently described PM Harper as a free-market economist. However, it should be noted that they were comparing a bunch of them to big spending liberal Eliot Spitzer. lol

Anonymous said...


In case, you haven't noticed...

When you had a blog that allowed us to attack Harper, you actually got nine responses...

Since then nada.

Now, I am not one of the "top five political minds in the country," but there might be a lesson there.