Friday, May 04, 2007

NCC Loves Buzz?

Wow things have changed since I worked at the National Citizens Coalition.

Now apparently NCC president Peter Coleman is praising socialist CAW leader Buzz Hargrove.

This is from a column in today's Toronto Sun written by CUPE boss Sid Ryan:

"It's not very often I find myself stuck for a quick rebuttal while engaging with Canada's right-wingers. However, I have to admit I was flummoxed last week on the Michael Coren Show when National Citizens Coalition (NCC) President Peter Coleman began singing the praises of my friend Buzz Hargrove.
Apparently, Buzz, who leads the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW), had just given a ringing endorsement to Conservative Environment Minister John Baird's so-called Green Plan. Coleman could hardly contain himself, effusively praising "Buzz's sensible approach to the environment." His praise was all the more astonishing given that the NCC is launching a newspaper and radio ad campaign against Hargrove in the run-up to the next federal election.
Their web site claims, "Hargrove wants to destroy the free market system: He wants to destroy our heritage, he wants to transform Canada into a second-rate socialist state." Quite frankly, they haven't thought this one through. I say that because one would have to be a mental gymnast to keep track of the myriad positions Buzz has spun in the past couple of years."



Allison said...

Colemen is a silly buffoon with meandering logic. The NCC better find a new mouthpiece or they're through.

R. Tame said...

Must be a sign of the times over there. ;-)

Miles Lunn said...

I think if the NCC and Buzz Hargrove have to agree on a given issue, I don't see what the big deal is. Even your biggest political opponent will agree with one from time to time. I have a tough time believing Buzz Hargrove and the NCC agree on much other.

The NCC wants the government to do as little as possible about the environment, while Hargrove is concerned about possible job losses in the auto sector if the restrictions are too strigent, so that is why they agree.