Friday, May 18, 2007

Quick Hits

Here's a quick grab bag of commentary on recent events.

Gilles Duceppe flip flops on PQ leadership:

There's two things you don't want to be called in politics: a crook or a fool. Duceppe now fits in the latter category. I mean his candidacy lasted only slighter longer than last year's Oscar telecast!

Tories aim to bring back anti-terror provisions.

Now I don't know enough about crime enforcement to know if these provisions are good laws, but I do know they are good politics. The Liberals looked bad opposing anti-terror legislation the last time this was debated and they will look bad again. Canadians don't care about the niceties of civil rights, they just don't want to get blown up.

Tories to tighten rules for foreign strippers.

What's this all about? I can see keeping terrorists out of the country, but strippers? These are people who literally have nothing to hide.

Dion biography sparks Liberal infighting

Stephane Dion is a disaster. When are the Liberals going to get rid of this stiff?

Harper to hold rare meeting with premiers.

One question: Who is going to keep Premier Danny Williams and Prime Minister Stephen Harper from killing each other?


Anonymous said...

If it comes to fisticuffs, I am putting my money on Williams!

Ace said...

How about this headline?
New French foreign minister supports Iraq war

I can't wait for Miles to come up and start denouncing me for my conservative "black and white" thinking...