Sunday, May 27, 2007

Keep these off the Air

Here are my "Top Five Things Which Should Never Appear on Sports Television Channels":

5. Fishing Programs -- What's more boring than fishing? Watching other people fish. Memo to TV producers - it's time to cut bait.

4. Poker -- Sorry a bunch of fat guys sitting around a table playing cards is not a sport.

3. NASCAR Racing -- What is NASCAR but a bunch of noisy cars going around in endless circles. It reminds me too much of life -- you keep going faster and faster, but you never get anywhere.

2. "Fitness Challenges" -- Do we really need to see muscle-bound babes in bikinis, bouncing around a stage? OK maybe we do.

1. Ultimate Fighting - If I want to watch people stepping on each others necks, I will take the Toronto subway at rush hour.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mixed martial arts (aka "Ultimate Fighting") is absolutely amazing. It is more action packed than boxing, and it is actually safer (since the refs stop the fights much quicker). There is no, "stepping on each others necks" either, that is against the rules. Sorry, love the blog, just needed to say this!