Monday, May 28, 2007

Poker Retraction

My friend Paul Tuns takes me to task for my posting yesterday about the "Top Five Things that Shouldn't be on Sports Television Channels."

He is especially incensed about my claim that TV poker was nothing but a bunch of "fat guys" playing cards.

Apparently I was wrong about that.

Writes Paul:

"I'm a TV poker addict (World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, High Stakes Poker, and any shows with interesting players). And while I like the play of portly Canadian Gavin Smith, two of my favourite players are definitely not fat: Barry Greenstein, a skinny Jew, and Phil Ivey, a skinny black guy. (The other is Eli Elezra, a fairly average-sized former Israeli army commando.) Regardless of the size of the players, televised poker is quite exciting."

OK Paul I give up.

Sorry about dissing poker.

(Please note, I have to be nice to Paul since his beloved New York Yankees are currently hovering near last place in the American League East.)

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