Friday, May 25, 2007

Facebook Fracas

Seems the federal Conservative Party is ordering ministerial staff to stay off Facebook, the popular social networking site.

The Tories fear some enterprising reporter might discover embarrassing tidbits on staff members profiles such as "In my spare time, I am an axe murderer" or "I am hording incandescent light bulbs".

Anyway, I happen to be on Facebook myself and I couldn't care less if the world knows about all my shameful vices.

So if you were "friends" with some Tory staff member who is no longer on Facebook, by all means you can become my "friend".

I need all the friends I can get.


Wonder Woman said...

"I am hording incandescent light bulbs"

Such snark will guarantee you a place on my friends list ;)

BBS said...

Take heart. It looks like PMO staffers are exempt. I'm sure you've got lots of friends there. :)