Monday, February 05, 2007

Liberal Strategy Revealed

Anyone who believes Stephane Dion really cares about the environment is forgetting one key fact: Dion is a Liberal.

And the only thing Liberals really care about is getting elected.

Already we can see the outlines of the cynical election strategy Dion and his buddies are concocting.

Yes they will portray themselves as the "Defenders of the Environment" but they will be careful not to upset their power base in Ontario and Quebec.

They won't suggest Quebec regulate or control it's manufacturing sector; nor will they ask Torontonians to stop driving SUVS.

Instead, they will simply promise to make Alberta shoulder the burden -- Albertans you see don't vote Liberal, making them expendable.

In fact, Liberal MP Mark Holland let the cat out of the bag early.

As Lorne Gunter notes in a column yesterday, "When asked whether the Liberals might nationalize the oilsands if Alberta refused to go along with Ottawa's development caps, Holland said his party would try to `work with them collaboratively,' but 'of course, if they refuse to work with us ... there will be consequences.'"

Will the Liberal strategy really help stop global warming?


Will it wreck Alberta's economy?


Do the Liberals care?

Of course not.

All that matters to them is getting back power.

For more on this read Charles Adler's excellent column.


Anonymous said...

The reaction by the MSM is oddly quiet on the Mark Holland remarks. Why is that do you suppose? Clearly, the media should be all over this very scary plan the Liberals have for the country.

So it would seem that not only does Stephane Dion have a husky named Kyoto, he also has a pitbull named Mark Holland. Hey, I thought the Ontario Liberals banned pitbulls in Ontario?

I do believe that the left leaning media need to be severely exposed on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Odd also that the usual Liberal blog-mob(Cherniak, Calgary Grit) are also skipping the Holland remarks.

Lots of idle chattered cheerleading about nothing.

Anonymous said...

I would bet that there are many, MANY Liberals who aren't happy at how and what Dion's presented thus far.

What's very interesting to me politically is that Mark Holland's comments seem to be speaking for all Liberals. Wasn't Mr. Holland Gerard Kennedy's campaign manager in the leadership run? Does Kennedy, who seemed to shore up lots of Liberal memberships in Alberta feel the same way? If I were an Alberta Liberal I'd be dropping my membership in the trash.