Thursday, February 15, 2007

NCC Ad Takes on Bill 257

If you not yet done so, go out and buy today's edition of the National Post.


Because the National Citizens Coalition has an ad in it opposing Bill 257, a bill that if passed would hurt Canada's economy by giving more power to union bosses.

To learn why this is a bad bill you can go here.


Anonymous said...

What bothers me is that if my taxdollars are being used to fund federally regulated service the long arm of the unions should have NO PART in managing service....period.

I find it hard to believe today that any of the 3 opposition parties really care about jobs and economic viability, given the garbage that is before parliament in the name of a backbencher bill to force the gov't's hand on Kyoto.

The opposition do not know what they speak about.

Ace said...

The Conservatives should make it a confidence vote.

Miles Lunn said...

My guess is there will be an election before this goes to a vote.

Ace - I believe around 20 Conservatives broke ranks to vote in favour of the bill, so it would like kind of hypocritical. There are enough Liberals who have opposed in the past that it won't necessarily pass.

Anonymous said...

There will not be an election unless Dion forces one. Miles, you simply have bought the hype that the media have been selling.

Harper's a smart strategist. I'm betting no election until after the Ontario election. There's a huge dynamic in play that I'm betting eludes the Liberals for the moment.

Miles Lunn said...

Anonymous - Actually I think an early election would be advantageous for the Tories so they will do everything possible to ensure it happens.

In addition, it will be next to impossible to pass a budget that is a conservative one yet is able to get the support of another party.