Friday, February 02, 2007

Time to Move to Greenland

Ok let's assume global warming is caused by human activity.

The next assumption on the Left is that big government will fix the problem.

Yeah right.

Big government has done such a great job in the past of fixing our health care system and of ending poverty and of stopping drug abuse that I am sure it will reverse global warming in no time.

But just in case, it's probably best to follow the advice of P.J. O'Rourke and buy real estate in Greenland.


Miles Lunn said...

I don't think government can fix the issue and certainly shouldn't do it on its own, but it can play a role in encouraging people to be more sustainable such as lower taxes on green products while higher taxes on dirty ones.

I do believe global warming is real and trying to pretend it doesn't exist is a bad policy

rebarbarian said...

And who would define what is green and what is dirty, Mr. Lunn. Organic food with lower yield requiring more land or a lower population. Nuclear power or flooding a few thousand acres of forest for hydro electric. DDT is dirty isn't it? Biodiesel, ethanol which will require more fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide. Government officials gave us Kyoto. Your friends on the left have poisoned the debate, making rational decisions impossible.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree rebarbarian!

While global warming may be real it's also cyclical and fluid in that it changes over periods of years. It's the earth's way of righting itself.

There is much money to be made in scaring folks into believing that global warming is new and didn't exist before. It did.

Mark Steyn has a particularly good article entitled "What's so hot about fickle science?" yesterday's Sun-Times that's re-freshing.