Friday, February 09, 2007

Kyoto Election?

The National Post is reporting today that the passage of a bill requiring the government to meet Canada's Kyoto Accord commitments could trigger an election.

Somehow I doubt it.

I mean would the Liberals really want to fight an election platform that would essentially decimate the country's economy?

"Vote for us and we will throw you out of work", isn't exactly a compelling slogan.

And even if the Liberals were to somehow win such an election, they would then be forced to actually do what they wouldn't do while previously in power -- ie take Kyoto seriously.

So even if the Liberals won they would lose.


Ace said...


The Liebranos never do what they say. Look at the GST promise. This environment stuff is simply code for "the Conservatives are vicious, evil Westerners who don't have Canadian values".

Vote for Librano values for brown envelopes, patronage, higher taxes and cradle to grave welfare statism - the kind of values in govt. that Canadians are supposedly comfortable with.

The environment stuff is all a smokescreen. In fact, I reckon if there are penalties imposed by Kyoto, the Liberanos would quietly pull out tomorrow or buy hot air credits.

KPK said...

Target industry in opposition MPs ridings first. Tell them if they don't reduce emissions by 30% then they will be shutdown in 3 years.