Thursday, February 08, 2007

Winter Still King in February

This cartoon from Rysking illustrates what could be a dilemma for the Dion Liberals.

Do they go on bleating about "global warming" while most Canadians are feeling their blood freeze?


Miles Lunn said...

Global warming means the averages are rising. It doesn't mean the end of cold weather. It is one thing to argue Kyoto is useless, but really you guys are losing the argument on the environment badly. You won the argument on eliminating the deficit, free trade, and tax cuts, but you won't win this one. The evidence is overwhelming and almost all the opponents are junk science funded mainly by the oil companies. After all the Tobacco companies in the 60s funded studies to prove smoking was harmless when they knew full well it wasn't and pretty much anyone with a brain today knows it is harmful.

Ace said...

"pretty much anyone with a brain today knows it is harmful."

1. That's not true. Tobacco companies are a net benefit to the US economy and have contributed substantially to provide healthcare programs to its employees. And they have contributed a net profit of $17 billion per year in the US due to people dying earlier and reducing the burden of social security payments, the incidence of obesity and possibly the onset of Parkinson's disease.

2. So what if it's harmful? You're probably a wimp who advocates forcing people to wear helmets going down a toboggan hill under the threat of jail. Of course, liberals raising the age of consent and are conspicuously silent about Karla Homolka's recent activities, so what should we expect from you pro-paedophiles types anyways?

"Global warming means the averages are rising"

- Yup, that's a real problem in Canada. If it weren't freezing outside, what the heck would we do in this country 9 months of the year?

"The evidence is overwhelming and almost all the opponents are junk science funded mainly by the oil companies."

Couldn't agree with you more Miles...everybody who opposes the scientific "consensus" is redneck, right-wing Bush-Hitler-Harperite.

Anonymous said...

You're mis-reading your own hype Miles. Let's not dance around the argument that Kyoto is useless. Let's simply tell Canadians the truth. It was a way that the Liberals could actually appear to be acting on the environment and still do NOTHING.

Kyoto is a lame effort to send our taxdollars to countries who pollute worse than we do. Sorry, but I don't want anything to do with a program that takes more money out of Canada.

Oh and while the tobacco companies funded studies, governments were getting rich on tobacco.

All that the conservatives are doing is saying right up front what most Canadians believe. I'm not a conservative but trust that they at least will do the job. Liberals had plenty of chances. You blew it.