Wednesday, February 07, 2007

NCC Takes on Bill 257

Here's a news release I just sent out:

NCC Ad Campaign To Oppose Bill 257
(Toronto February7)The National Citizens Coalition ( is launching a multi-media ad campaign to stop Bill 257, a proposed law which would ban federally regulated companies such as banks and airlines from hiring replacement workers.

“This bill is bad for Canada’s economy, it’s bad for Canadian consumers and it’s bad for unionized employees” says NCC vice president Gerry Nicholls. “That’s the message we want to get out through newspaper ads, through the Internet and through radio spots. We want Canadians to demand the House of Commons kill this bad bill.”

Nicholls says the NCC ads will focus on urging Canadians to contact Liberal leader Stephane Dion.

“The fate of this bill really rests with Mr. Dion,” says Nicholls. “We know the Bloc Quebecois and the NDP support Bill 257, and that most Conservatives oppose it. That means the Liberals will have the deciding vote.”

Nicholls says, if passed, Bill 257 would mean more power for union bosses, more strikes for Canada and less freedom for unionized employees.

“This bill would undermine Canada’s competitiveness, drive away investment and infringe on the freedoms of unionized employees,” says Nicholls, who notes Bill 257 would make it illegal for even unionized employees to cross a picket line.

For more on Bill 257 see this article I wrote.

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Miles Lunn said...

My understanding is neither the Conservatives or Liberals are 100% united on this issue. I believe there were a number of Liberals that broke ranks to oppose it while there were around 20 Conservatives who broke ranks to support it.

I think it is probably not the best bill, still I am not keen on the idea of replacement workers, but this ban goes too far. It is one thing to hire employees from outside to smash a union, but wrong to ban workers the freedom to cross the picket lines