Thursday, January 07, 2010

Political GPS

I just bought one of those GPS car navigation systems to keep me from getting lost as I travel through the wilds of America. (I often get lost even in the wilds of Oakville.)

And I got to say it's a pretty cool device. It not only shows me which way to go, but it actually speaks to me.

"Turn here," says a robotic voice.

Plus you can apparently change the voice to suit your fancy.

This got me wondering what these GPS devices would sound like if you could program them to sound like our political leaders.

They might sound a little like this:

Stephen Harper GPS voice: "This car won't move until I say it can move. Now prorogue this vehicle immediately."

Michael Ignatieff GPS voice: "You are travelling along Highway 401 ... at least I think it's Highway 401 ... I don't know this country all that well."

Jack Layton GPS voice: "Turn left .... turn left .... turn left."

Gilles Duceppe GPS voice: "Sorry I only give directions inside Quebec."


Xanthippa said...

You DO realize that this device permits your service provider to track your movements, store the information and sell it to whomever they choose, right?

It may sound paranoid, but, there are actually exactly "0" protections for the consumers of these types of devices....and that is a fact. A third-party GPS is nowhere near as easily invasive as things like 'Onstar' (which, it has been proven in court, has in the past been used by FBI to illegally eavesdrop on vehicle occupant).......

The EU has plans to make individually registered GPS devices mandatory in each and every vehicle operating within the EU in the next few manage 'traffic flow'.


Think it through before each time you use it and assess the risks involved objectively. Just remember, whenever that baby is on, Big Brother is watching you!

Anonymous said...

Michael Ignatieff GPS voice:

I deeply and profoundly sense that you are traveling somewhere in this great experiment called Canada, where, you will know if you read my latest book, one or more of my ancestors are buried.

I am listening, and I am learning, and I am thinking, deeply, especially when it rains.

My vision for your current blight is bright, should you see the light.

My intellectual leadership is mesmerizing. The forthcoming Deep Thoughts Conference will bear testament of such.

Canadian traveler, turn left onto that great road called "How to Suck Less" now, or perhaps later.

Erwin Gerrits said...

"A left turn is necessary, but not necessarily left..."

jemswillam's Blog said...

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Thermblog said...

A word of warning: you should not trust the GPS entirely, they can and do make mistakes. I use BING MAPS to pre-plan routes just in case.