Friday, January 29, 2010

NCC Endorses Unelected Senate

Once upon a time the National Citizens Coalition stood for Senate reform.

Those were the days when it was an independent truly conservative voice.

No more.

Now it's impossible to figure out where the Conservative Party spin machine ends and the NCC begins.



wilson said...

Just consider the alternative Gerry,
Senator Lizzy May.

Alberta Girl said...

Sigh...then Gerry maybe the NCC can lobby the provincial governments to "elect" senators...instead of just belly aching. Because for some reason, they all yell and scream about senate appointments, yet refuse to elect senators in waiting.

You do understand that this is another way to senate reform, don't you?

Ted Betts said...


The Prime Minister claims he cares about senate reform and is always quick to blame the lack of any senate reform on everyone else, especially the Liberals, but do you get the same sense as I do that he prefers to have senate reform as a stick to beat more fundraising dollars out of supporters than he does to actually get any reform?

On elected senators, he has not as far as I am aware, ever actually met with or spoken with the premiers on the process for electing them. He's just passed the buck and said you do it and pay for it, even though the senate is clearly a federal matter. Has he had a single discussion with any premier about implementing elections?

On term limits, there are some very real constitutional questions. Some of the provinces have already said they will go to court over them. Many senators have raised the same constitutional questions. So even if you disagree about the constitutional question, the issue is not black and white, which is why so many have said - let's avoid the legal fight and just refer the questions to the Supreme Court - That would clear things up and yet, Harper has refused to do so. Any idea why he wouldn't want to make sure senate reform - which if passed would seal his legacy in our history - was good law given how important he claims it is and how broad and diverse the questions are about it?

Alberta Girl said...

"On elected senators, he has not as far as I am aware, ever actually met with or spoken with the premiers on the process for electing them"

HAHAHAHAHA...Ted, do you really think you are THAT important that you have the ear of the premiers and the PMO that you know EVERYTHING that they discuss.

Really, Ted, I have heard everything now.

What constitutional issues does elections for senators in waiting pose, Ted.

Alberta has done it for years - it works. If Alberta can do it, what is wrong with the other provinces doing it.

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like to see a senate more along the U.S. style with equality among the provinces, with elected senators, and a senate that can act to curb the excesses of the ain't gonna happen. I think Mr. Harper realized this fact shortly after taking office and has decided that if the provinces and the Liberals want to keep it as a partisan political tool he will also play the game. The chances of Quebec agreeing to be equal to the other provinces on anything is virtually nil. The chances of opening up the constitution to bring about the necessary changes is also nil. He might as well take advantage of a situation that everyone decries, but refuse to change, and load it up with people who will support his policies.
To all those whiners and sob-sisters who don't like what the P.M. is doing, all I can say, is get together and agree to make the required changes. Until want it, you got it.

skuleman said...

Idealistically wishing for senate reform is very nice. Given the situation as of yesterday, where liberal senators could and would block any reform and any senate reform is going to require a constitutional change supported by 7 provinces and 50% of the population, its a pretty silly wish.
When a bullies have you pinned on the ground, you need to at least get one hand free to fight back - or you can just cry about how unfair it is you're outnumbered.
The CPC tried the polite approach. It's time to start fighting the bullies on their terms, which means we must control the senate.

wilson said...

Oh Ted, as if you or any other Liberal mouth piece knows squat about what Prime Minister Harper thinks.

Now that Liberals have Canadians all in a tizzy about democracy,
perhaps Canadians will finally take a real good look at this pathetic upper we thank Libs now or later?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Consuckers galore. Anybody who still thinks that PMSH cares about any of the principals he used to has the critical thinking skills of a kid who still believes in Santa. The Right is, thanks to the CPC, dead dead DEAD. Only the cynics are right....
Except where they are wrong. And where they are wrong is thinking taht an EEE senate is a good idea. It's not, look at the US, it's just another trough. That's why I don't care so much about these appointments. Abolish the damn thing.

AToryNoMore said...

The electorate fully understands that Harper and the 'Selfservatives' stand for nothing but on moving ground.

The problem is not with conservatism, its the foolish antics of the Harper Selfservatives.

AToryNoMore said...

Harper is going to bring back the House in March and cancel some spring breaks.

I just love Harpers sense of reconciliation and justice. Its wonderful watching Harper punish everyone including his own.

Maybe the Harper selfservative members were too vocal against the PMO?

Punish on Steve, punish on!!!

Anonymous said...

It no longer matters what the NCC has to say on any issue. Since you left they barely register in the media. And it is just as well because they would only embarrass themselves. Only recently one of their 'tweets' questioned the GG's motives for wanting to help her hometown in Haiti. Disgusting. Anyway I hope you are well and enjoying the States. Mrs.C

Anonymous said...

An elected Senate would be stupid. We would get a Senate with 65% non Conservatives and grid lock would result. Harper, keep appointing!!