Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Things I have had a hard time adjusting to in the United States:

* Round-abouts.

* Paying for gasoline before you put it in your car.

* Getting used to Fahrenheit temperatures again.

* Remembering to ask people where the "bathroom" is instead of "washroom."


Raphael Alexander said...

Vancouver is full of roundabouts.

You always have to prepay for gas in B.C.

Everybody in rural Canada still uses Fahrenheit.

I've always used to word bathroom.

Sounds like Americans would do find in B.C.

Tuco said...

I hope you're trying to be funny, because no offence, otherwise you're pretty damn near a girly man.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but in the US you can buy beer and iced tea anywhere! (real conservative)

Mr. Lorne said...

Don't forget "zee" instead of "zed."

And when you're buying that gasoline, it's "gallons" (U.S. ones of course).

Anonymous said...

And as an immigrant being corrected when I use:
Lift for elevator;
Loo or toilet for washroom;
Zed for zee
Maths for math

and the pronunciations for:
and a horde of other words I cannot recall at this time.


Xanthippa said...

Have some fun - ask them where the 'water closet' is!

AToryNoMore said...

Some conservatives of late seem to get swallowed up in these things wherever they may be and go round and round.