Monday, December 01, 2008

Get Ready for the Three Stooges ...

.... otherwise known as Gilles, Jack and Stephane.

Actually that's not fair.

The real stooges -- Larry, Moe and Curly -- would probably do a better job at handling our economy.


Anonymous said...

It's more like the "Newhart" show
in Vermont.

= " Hi...I'm Larry,this is my Brother Daryl....and my other Brother Daryl."

Basically , Layton the Tin Man with ni heart to respect the votes, Dion the Cowardly Lion who roared for the 23 times he could have brought down Harper, and Gilles the Scarecrow who scared away foreign investment and doesn't have a brain to see that North America has about half a Billion people that WON'T learn French just to Trade with the Souvereign Quebec that runs canada via the coalition Puppets in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Is this what Danny Williams had in mind when he started his ABC movement? I've read the blogs on the CBC and the CTV sites from people across Canada commenting on various aspects of this current Constitutional Crisis. Many of these folks are commenting that the Coalition has every right to seek the Governor General's approval for the Coalition to form Government - because combined the Coalition Parties have over 60% of the vote (60% of the 59% of voters that turned out)
My question:
Should the Governor General have to consider that if the Coalition is using the argument that the Conservative's have lost the confidence of the House, and the Coalition has an alternative government to propose without an Election - on the strength of its position that it won the majority of votes October 14 - shouldn't the Coalition then have to run on the very same mandate on which voters voted for the individual Parties?? It's impossible, right? How can a new Government be based on a compromised mandate for the Coalition? That's not what individual/majority voters voted on Oct. 14th.

To explain...IF a person had voted Liberal on Oct. 14, they would have voted for the Green Shift platform, Dion's promised 30 day consultation re: the economy, and Mr. Dion's leadership, etc. This voter would not have voted for all those items (NDP, Bloc priorities) that the Coalition unveiled this afternoon as its newly minted platform/mandate: e.g. immediate increase of $$ to Quebec, all the new social spending, etc...If on Oct. 14 that was included in the Liberal platform, this voter would not have voted Liberal. The same can be said for NDP and Bloc voters of Oct. 14. Therefore, saying the Coalition has the majority of votes is mixing apples with corn dogs!

I don't understand how the Governor General could accept that the Coalition has a mandate from the majority, if the Coalition's new platform does not resemble the platform that each voter voted on in the Federal Election a few weeks ago??

It simply does not feel a Parliamentary Democracy is represented if the mandate of the Government changes so dramatically without an Election to grant approval for the revised mandate??

nbt said...

To be honest, I'm not happy with anybody right, especially the Tories. If they wanted to play chicken, they should have stuck to their guns. The minute they pulled back on the subsidies for political parties, the three stooges knew they had check mate.

And you know they had check mate, how else do you explain Step on Dion at the helm.

Anonymous said...

If only Dion had shown this much disdain during the AdScam $$Million when we were screwed by Martin and Chretien who even told Justice Gomery that they were too stupid to be expected to know where the $1.2Billion dollars went and which Liberals skimmed-off at least $140 million.
I don't believe for one moment that these 3 stooges care about canadians , Layton propped-up Martin for awhile..then the CAW backed Martin while Belinda's Magna was killing GM/FORD and Chrysler , and Dion boasted about his "Clarity Act" which protected Canada from a Separatist Party in Parliament.

WOW.....Layton used to rant about the Student-Debt crisis ,but now he wants to Nationalize our Auto Industry which means we'll have another CBC , Plus...Jack will order the CAW to join CUPE and this will usher in a "Auto-Industrial-Complex" with 2 or 3 times the work force just to build about 1/2 of the current Auto output.
Try to imagine the CBC getting into the Auto business.

Anonymous said...

Long live a free Alberta!

Anonymous said...

"jacques e Gilles" went up The Hill to fetch a Bucket (Dion).

Does the term 'useful' idiot sound familiar?