Monday, May 26, 2008

Rise and Fall of Bernier

Sorry to see that Maxime Bernier's cabinet career has flamed out.

Back in the days when he was Industry Minister, I thought he was one of the few bright lights in the Harper cabinet.

But then he got shifted to Foreign Affairs, a post I didn't think suited him.

Too bad.

I hope one day he can bounce back.


Anonymous said...

Chercher la femme...p.p.

Anonymous said...

Harper gave him as much space as he could to grow into the job. Unfortunately he was misplaced in this very difficult portfolio and quickly showed his level of competence had been exceeded.
Harper will take a little time before naming a replacement and a fairly major cabinet shuffle will take place before too long.

nbt said...

He wasn't anymore incompetent then what the Liberals have had in that position over the years. However, that seems to be the argument that the conservatives use anytime they trip up, so that's not a good excuse.

In the end, I think his sloppiness (in his personal life) caught up to him. Or at least the PPG made sure it did. lol

Anonymous said...

I actually thought that Bernier was going to a bright light for the CPC too.

Everyone makes mistakes in their personal life, but Canada's MSM obviously wasn't going to forgive this one.

It's a bit strange -- considering they seem to have forgiven so much more significant "mistakes" in the past.

Anonymous said...

Bernier resigned; whereas many liberals who should have resigned years ago and Dion who plans to invade pakistan remain standing . what does that tell you.