Monday, May 12, 2008

What's your evidence Mr. Dion?

Liberal leader Stephane Dion is accusing Prime Minister Harper of harboring a secret libertarian agenda:

"He wants to dismantle the main elements of what he calls the interventionist state," says Dion.

If only that were true!


Anonymous said...

I find it shocking that to be openly socialist is now completely acceptable, but to be a libertarian (even constitutional libertarian) is seen as being a "hidden agenda" conspirator.
The left sees government and their agrencies as living breathing entities that have rights and feelings like real people, and any correction or downsizing is seen as an attack on the entire entity.

Anonymous said...

In almost every modern democracy and free country, there is a constitution. A quick examination of any of these documents would reveal that their primary purpose is to protect the people from the government - every modern democracy recognizes that it is the government that is the true threat to our freedoms and strives to limit its power and influence. The left is not a supporter of freedom, democracy or individual liberties. That is why they constantly strive to build up government, restrict individual freedoms in favour of group rights and resort to bans, legislation and intimidation (see HRCs) when challanged. This is neither new or surprising - that is the way of the left.

Anonymous said...

If Dion is correct, I say give me more. Interventionist governments and their attendant supercilious bureaucracies are the bane of life in this country. I vote for these clowns to cede them my proxy to manage the nation's business, not to pro-actively attempt to mold my beliefs, predjucies or morals into some kind of antiseptic, homogenous group mind-set. None of these people are have ever demonstrated sufficient moral rectitude so as to persuade me that I should adopt their ideals of Utopia.

Iain G. Foulds said...

... Gerry... some pretty sharp new commenters... clear, principled.